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Mahjong Alchemy Overview

The best of Mahjong Alchemy is a unique experience for all of you Mahjong lovers out there! We have five fun tilesets for you to work your way through in this version of free online Mahjong Alchemy! Keep reading below for a refresher on how to play Mahjong Alchemy!

How to Play Mahjong Alchemy

The rules of Mahjong Alchemy are the same as most iterations of the classic game. It is easy to learn, but hard to perfect, so be prepared to work hard at Mahjong Alchemy if you want to get through all of the creative tilesets we have prepared for you!
Click on two tiles that match to remove them from the puzzle! You can only select Mahjong Alchemy tiles that are not covered by any other tiles, and have at least one free edge — this can be on the right or the left side. There are five different tilesets to move through in Mahjong Alchemy. Just click the "Deal New Tileset" button in the top corner of your screen to move onto the next level! Good luck and we hope you enjoy this free online version of Mahjong Alchemy today!
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